Remote Monitoring & Management

Let us handle all your IT related needs. We can fully monitor your systems with a suite of tools that help us ensure your systems remain up to date and receive critical security patches. They provide us insight into the performance of your systems and helps us keep them running at optimal condition. We will deploy centrally managed Advanced Endpoint Protection to help protect your systems from malware, virus and other cyber attacks. Some additional benefits are below.

Less Costly than Internal IT
Access to Experts on Various Technologies
Proactive Support
Fast Response Times
Ability to Focus on Core Business
Access to New Technology

You will also be able to reach out to us for any IT related issues that may creep up in your day to day activities. We will be able to remote into your system within minutes and begin troubleshooting your issue, working towards a resolution. Another added benefit is also vendor management. We can handle making calls to other vendors and working directly with them as they relate to your IT systems so that you do not need to spend the time on the phone.

Cloud Setups & Migration

Many different vendors and technologies are taking advantage of the ever growing benefits of moving to the cloud. Don’t be left behind! We can setup a new environment in the cloud, or help migrate your existing one. We will discuss your goals, review a plan with you, outline steps and the scope of work, and guide you through the entire process to ensure minimal downtime or interruptions to your business.

No Upkeep on Aging Equipment
Cost Effective
Enables Remote Working

Having your environment in the cloud means less worrying about the aging equipment on premise. This helps reduce cost as upfront equipment doesn’t need to be purchased and maintained in the same way. Cloud setups have many built in and configurable security features. A huge benefit to cloud computing is the scalability as your business grows. Easily scale up or down based on needs. Another big benefit, especially with the times we live in, is the ability for your employees to work remotely, often resulting in a better work/life balance.

Backup & Recovery

One of the most important solutions a business should have in place is a backup and recovery solution. This should be considered a requirement for any business. As more and more data, records, and information is digitalized, it’s imperative that this data is safeguarded and backed up. Choosing the right backup and recovery solution will help ensure your data is protected against accidental data removal, data corruption, natural disasters and cyber attacks.

Cost Savings
Ease of Management
Compliance Standards

Choosing the right backup and recovery solution for your business provides peace of mind and many additional benefits. Data loss can be extremely costly to a company and without a proper solution in place can even cause a business to close. The cost savings alone of having data safely backed up in such an event is worth it. However, it doesn’t end there. A good solution will offer fast recovery times of data, security while your data is at rest and in transfer, reliable, consistent back ups, and ease of management and scalability. As your business grows, so does your data requirements. Having a solution that can easily scale with your growth is key.

IT Consulting

Perhaps you just need a little guidance. Maybe you just have some questions and need to speak to someone with expertise in the subject matter. We are happy to discuss your needs and provide recommendations and guidance. Whether it’s working directly with your internal IT, or perhaps another contractor, we are here to help.

Scalable Work
Cost Effective
No Long Term Commitments
Project Management
Diversity of Ideas and Advice
Speed of Deliverables

Consulting services can lead to savings as there is no need to spend money on recruiting someone internally with a specific skill-set, no taxes, benefits, etc. You can simply scale the work you need up or down. You don’t need to worry about long term commitments as you agree to a specific project or need at that time. We are focused on the task you provide, and so we can deliver effective solutions quickly.

Scripting & Automation

Ever find yourself doing a specific task repetitively, day in and day out? Perhaps your employees perform certain functions on the computer that are more mundane in nature. Automation and use of scripting can provide valuable benefits if applied correctly.

Focus Employee Time Elsewhere
Cost Savings
Focus on Core Business
Increased Production
Consistent and Reliable
Flexible and Scalable

Let us help free up time so you and your employees are be able to focus on more important items that help grow your core business. By automating certain activities or daily functions, we can help increase the output all while providing consistent and reliable results, easily scalable as you grow.

Network Administration

A properly managed network is crucial to the continued smooth operation of all connected computer systems. Without efficient network setup and management, interruptions, slowness, data loss and numerous other issues can arise within your IT environment. There are many benefits to ensuring you have a well running network.

Less Interruptions
Faster Access to Data
VPN Connection to Branch Offices
Cost Effective
Increased Productivity

Proper network management means ensuring there are no bottlenecks in your network, causing slowdowns or the inability to properly access data between your systems. A well managed network means less network drops allowing employees to work without interruptions due to improperly configured IT equipment. Your network should also consist of the proper equipment to ensure security and compliance.


There are many online threats to a business and it’s data today. That is why putting various security safeguards in place is crucial to any business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’d love to help make sure your business is protected.

Protect Personal Info
Safeguard Business Data
Safe Environment for Employees
Prevention of Viruses and Malware
Protects Productivity
Saves Money

No one wants their personal info or their business data out there in the open or stolen for malicious intent. Ensuring your business is properly protected is one of the most important things a business owner can and should do. Reduce the threats of cyber attacks on your employees and IT systems, and thus ensuring productivity isn’t halted or slowed as a result of an attack.

Custom Development

Ever have a need but can’t quite find what you’re looking for in an out-of-the-box solution? Whether you’re in need of a website help, or a custom developed application, we can help. Creating a unique website can help attract visitors and grow your business. A custom developed application can also be very beneficial.

Custom Made to Your Needs
Increase Productivity
Software Maintenance
Expert Support
Integration With Other Systems

A custom developed application can be designed to specifically fit the needs of your business. This can help increase productivity and free up time to be spent elsewhere. Custom applications can often be written in such a way so that they integrate with an already existing system, allowing you to further boost productivity. You’ll receive expert support as we would be intimately familiar with all aspects of the designed application.

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